Privacy Solution – Sound Masking and Soundscaping

by | May 4, 2023

Unique soundscaping and sound masking solution

Panphonics and a Swedish sound design company Efterklang created an award-winning sound concept that promotes well-being, increases comfort and provides greater speech privacy in one of Sweden’s largest banks, Swedbank. Using Panphonics directional speakers, Efterklang developed a unique Soundscaping and Sound masking solution for the most vulnerable waiting areas at the bank. As a result, the bank did not have to modify the rooms or structures already in place, but instead they installed sound environment to protect customers’ private conversations.

This Privacy Solution can be replicated in other instances, where private matters are discussed. For example hospital check-in areas, pharmacies, houses of worship, education, and many more.

Audio content played through directional speakers reduces the intelligibility of speech, increases privacy and adds a pleasant atmosphere without interfering with the visual expression.

The Panphonics Sound Showers use an audio element which is based on the electrostatic principle. When using electrostatic speakers, the audio remains pleasant to listen to even for a long time, as compared to artificial ultrasound speakers. The technology enables to create a focused audio zone where the audio can be directed to a specific area. At Swedbank, they wanted to focus the sound to the seating area in the waiting room. To further combat the issue of overpowering ambient noise, the speakers are optimised to play frequencies most sensitive to the human ear.

The waiting areas are nearby to the service desks, and Swedbank wanted to protect the customers’ privacy with a visually and audibly satisfying solution. They chose Panphonics Sound Showers to be used due to the amazing quality of sound, as well as the light and unobtrusive properties by design. The sound generated by Panphonics directional speakers is enjoyable to listen to, as the sound is natural and pleasurable for the ear. The sound reduces the intelligibility of speech coming from outside the audio zone by making it difficult to understand it. The audio diminishes the hard consonants from speech, and makes it very difficult to understand for the listener inside the audio zone. Click here for a video on the solution!

The Panphonics Sound Showers are the perfect solution to Swedbank as the overall design of the room remains open and accessible for everybody. Furthermore, the Sound Showers are completely maintenance-free after being installed supporting the cost-effectiveness and ease of use of this solution.

Fun fact: did you know, that Panphonics directional speakers are highly energy-efficient and produced 98% from recycled materials?