In the town of Porvoo, Finland, Näsi Pharmacy sought to elevate its sales and marketing game by embracing innovative technology. The pharmacy underwent a transformative renovation, during which they discovered the immense potential of Panphonics directional speakers. The cutting-edge audio technology, combined with FirstView’s digital signage solution, has driven a remarkable change in the way Näsi Pharmacy engages its customers. We’ll further explore how Panphonics directional speakers have revolutionized sales and marketing, as well as enhanced the overall shopping experience at Näsi Pharmacy.


Panphonics Sound Shower Directional Speaker

Panphonics directional speakers have emerged as a game-changer in audio marketing. By delivering sound directly to targeted areas, the speakers provide an immersive and highly focused audio experience. Näsi Pharmacy recognized the significance of this technology and made an investment in a PA system that incorporated Panphonics directional speakers alongside FirstView’s digital signage platform.

Positioned strategically, the speakers project sound directly to specific areas, such as the prescription waiting area. Customers waiting for their turn are treated to a soothing background music experience while the customers at the prescription pick-up desk are enjoying complete privacy. This level of customer-focused audio engagement creates a comfortable and private atmosphere, where customers can feel at ease during their visit.

Incorporating Panphonics directional speakers has also contributed to enhancing the pharmacy’s brand identity. The speakers are used to play Porvoo-themed soundscapes that resonate with the local community, evoking a sense of pride and belonging among customers. Such thoughtful audio branding strengthens the pharmacy’s image as a trusted and community-oriented healthcare provider.

Panphonics directional speakers have proven to be a transformative addition to Näsi Pharmacy’s sales and marketing strategy. Their integration with FirstView’s digital signage has created a dynamic and engaging environment, effectively replacing traditional advertising posters. The strategic use of audio marketing, coupled with targeted visuals, has amplified customer engagement and boosted sales. Furthermore, the inclusion of Panphonics directional speakers in the pharmacy’s PA system has enhanced customer privacy and comfort during their visit. As Näsi Pharmacy continues to lead the way in embracing innovative technologies, other businesses can draw inspiration from their success and recognize the immense potential of Panphonics directional speakers in revolutionizing sales and marketing efforts.