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Imagine being able to direct sound to a specific area with unmatched precision. For instance, Panphonics speakers can focus speech even in noisy environments without increasing the overall ambient noise level. In a museum setting, you can create a confined audio zone in front of an art piece where the desired sound is heard. When you step out of the zone, you no longer hear the sound. To further combat the issue of overpowering ambient noise, we have optimized our speakers to play frequencies most sensitive to the human ear.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tampere, Finland, Panphonics has been delivering directional audio solutions globally for over two decades. By using the electrostatic principle, we have been able to create speakers with lower coloration, better transient response, lower distortion and higher directivity in comparison to other techniques. The finished product is easy to install, has a light and unobtrusive design, and can withstand extensive use.

During COVID-19, hygiene has become of paramount importance. With our directional audio solutions, you can eliminate the need for headphones that otherwise require near-constant cleaning. It not only saves time, but also decreases unnecessary risk. What you get when you choose Panphonics is a clear, focused sound field that remains audible even over longer distances.

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