Since 1997, Panphonics has produced directional loudspeakers with clear, natural sound that remains audible over longer distances. With our light and unobtrusive speakers, you can create focused audio zones even in large open spaces.

Introducing Directional Audio

Panphonics speakers can focus speech even in noisy environments without increasing the overall ambient noise level. In a museum setting, you can create a confined audio zone in front of an art piece where the desired sound is heard. When you step out of the zone, the volume will decrease drastically. To further combat the issue of overpowering ambient noise, we have optimized our speakers to play frequencies most sensitive to the human ear.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tampere, Finland, Panphonics has been delivering directional audio solutions globally for over two decades. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t use ultrasound techonology in our speakers. Instead, by applying the electrostatic principle, we have been able to create speakers with lower coloration, better transient response and lower distortion in comparison to other techniques. The finished product is easy to install, has a light and unobtrusive design, and can withstand extensive use.

During COVID-19, hygiene became of paramount importance. With our loudspeakers, you have an alternative for headphones that otherwise require near-constant cleaning. It not only saves time, but also decreases unnecessary risk.

What you get when you choose Panphonics is a clear, focused sound field that remains audible even over longer distances.

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The brand-new Panphonics ADX-21-Dante enabled audio amplifier and ADX-31-USB. Game changers in audio amplification compatible with your Panphonics directional speakers. Find out more here or contact sales (at)

Niskanen & Salo – Murmurations (Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC 2020)

Note that unlike in this temporary sound installation, Panphonics speakers are for indoor use only.

Panphonics speakers as a part of Lexter’s (now called Efterklang, a brand within the AFRY group) soundscaping and sound masking solution for Swedbank.



Compact speakers are our most advanced mono directional speakers with the best directionality and sound quality. Available in 60×60, the look of the Compact is ultrathin and the feel is unrealistically light. Custom prints available. RECOMMENDED FOR NEW INSTALLATIONS.


Framed with an aluminum frame, Sound Shower mono loudspeakers are thin and light with great directionality. As our most popular speakers, Sound Showers have tens of thousands of installations worldwide.


Panphonics ADX-amplifier product line consists of two amplifier models, ADX-21-Dante and ADX-31-USB.


Panphonics has years of experience working with interior designers, artists, gallery owners and industrial manufacturers to create the most innovative solutions available with directional audio.

Our technology

Common directional audio applications

Case examples

MOOMIN ANIMATIONS - Thrills and Cuddles

Exhibition, National Children’s Museum, Washington D.C.

Moomin Animations – Thrills and Cuddles highlights the rich history of Moomin animations, which are based on the Moomin books and comic strips created by Tove Jansson. The audience is able to enjoy Moomin animations from different eras and parts of the world, from the very first Moomin film to premiere on TV to the most recent, award-winning 3D animation series, Moominvalley. This exhibition is on loan from the world’s only Moomin Museum and features several Panphonics directional speakers. The exhibition is brought to the United States by the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C.

National Children’s Museum is a nationally recognized cultural and educational institution that serves children and families through science, technology, engineering, art and math focused experiences. “National Children’s Museum is thrilled to host the international premiere of Moomin Animations – Thrills and Cuddles,” says President and CEO, Crystal R. Bowyer. ”As a Congressionally-designated institution in the nation’s capital, the Museum celebrates global cultural education, and the values that The Moomins represent.”

Courtesy of Moomin Museum
Photo credit: the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C.


Swedbank is one of Sweden’s largest banks and it is of great importance that their customers can openly discuss private financial matters with the staff, without the risk of being overheard by others.

Lexter (now called Efterklang, a brand within the AFRY group) has created a unique soundscaping and sound masking solution in the most vulnerable waiting areas at the bank. Directional speakers (by Panphonics) and specially produced audio content reduce the intelligibility of speech, increase privacy and add a pleasant atmosphere. The speakers do not interfere with the visual expression. The solution is now implemented in more than 50 Swedbank offices around Sweden.

The conceptual sound design and sound masking created for Swedbank has been awarded the Better Sound award in three categories, along with the ISAbell Winner prize in the Universal Design category, in the International Sound Awards 2019.

Courtesy of Lexter Ljuddesign AB (Now called Efterklang, a brand within the AFRY group)

For a more detailed case study: Panphonics x Swedbank.

Read more on this at Efterklang website.


Via Xinc Technologies, the Panphonics directional speaker solutions are becoming the standard in the University ‘Superlab’ designs in Australia due to their ability to create focused sound zones.

The design of a Superlab enables many classes to be run at once while ensuring students feel part of an intimate class group.

These university cases include The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, James Cook University and UNSW Australia.

Courtesy of Xinc Technologies

For a more detailed case study, click here

Here to AV Technology magazine publication on Superlabs.


Heymo1. by Sokos Hotels is a new type of flexible service hotel concept opened in 2022, where smooth, first-class and pleasant customer experience is important.

In order to make the service more fluent, the hotel has invested a lot in automated and digital solutions, which frees up the staff’s time to serve visitors, says Jukka Kaartinen from Sokos Hotels.

Five virtual reception desk are located in the hotel lobby, which guide the guest forward with the help of touch screens, Panphonics sound showers and guiding content. Accessibility is also taken into account in the concept, so the use of the service is smooth for all visitors.

After the hotel has been open for the first couple of months, customers have given good feedback about the functionality of the concept. When the technology is harnessed to handle the tasks intended for it, the staff can focus on solving customer challenges, Kaartinen states.

“The Sound Showers are the perfect product for the reception desks to create focused sound zones. Slim speaker element enables discreet installation.”

Courtesy of Firstview.

Click here to a more detailed case story.


The evolution of the myth / Exhibition, CaixaForum, Madrid

“At the beginning, the design of the exhibition already had 2 Panphonics 60×60 for a couple of pieces that were close by and we did not want them to acoustically contaminate each other. There were open audios with normal stereo speakers and several TVs with headphones, but then, the covid arrived and solutions must be found so that the exhibition does not have to sacrifice any work and the viewer continues to enjoy it as if nothing had happened. So a new design is made at the audiovisual level and Panphonics loudspeakers are incorporated in all the pieces, varying the 60×60 and 120×20. Leaving only two pieces with the audio open and all the others with the directional ones.”

courtesy of Zentralmedia


Mood Stockholm is a unique shopping centre with carefully selected boutiques, beauty salons, cafés and restaurants, that opened in 2012, in the heart of Stockholm. Panphonics speakers are being used near the Mood escalators along with the art position and entrance areas.

The sound design created by Lexter (now called Efterklang) at Mood Stockholm has won several awards, including the ISAbell Winner award in the categories Audio Marketing and Soundscapes and Ambient Sound during the International Sound Awards 2018 in Hamburg.

Courtesy of Lexter Ljuddesign AB (Now called Efterklang, a brand within the AFRY group)



Sulejówek, Poland

“We are pleased to present one of our latest sound system projects, implemented on the products of ECLER, REVOLUTION ACOUSTICS and PANPHONICS. Each museum is a new challenge, as each exhibition requires an individual project, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience.

The Józef Piłsudski Museum, due to the variety of elements of the exhibition, required multiple, specialized solutions. It combines classic solutions in the form of wall loudspeakers in the cinema, hanging speakers in the corridors, through ceiling loudspeakers and acoustic multiducers, hidden behind the elements of the exhibition – invisible to visitors, as well as directional loudspeakers enabling creating an intimate atmosphere in selected zones without disturbing the comfort of other visitors . The inductors and ceiling speakers in the walls allow the visitor to hear the sound coming from the exhibition facility, and not from the visible loudspeaker. His attention is not distracted by devices unrelated to the exhibition. Thanks to the use of various solutions, it was possible to create an exhibition that draws visitors into the world of Józef Piłsudski and enables the full experience of the history contained in it.” and Dimension4.

Courtesy of Phono Media & Dimension4



Pori, Finland

I listen to a lot of ambient music during my off hours. It has a cleansing effect and it’s the best way to reset your nervous system mainly because I’m too cynical for yoga.

When I listened to a Panphonics speaker for the first time, I had the same feeling you get after a long day of listening to loud noises and then suddenly everything gets quieter and you only hear what’s right in front of you.

It draws you in and makes you concentrate and just listen. “Focus. Listen. Hear. Repeat” is one of my own mantras and Panphonics executes that beautifully.

Tech wise and for a full listening experience you’ll need a good sub, but for anyone who listens to ambient, classical, “lo-fi study beats” etc. ambient driven sound, Panphonics will take your listening experience to a new level. Sound, and the whole design, just floats in front of you. Our COMPACT speaker is equipped with our Tape Over logo, so people usually think it’s a basic wallboard with our logo. Once I ask them “you want to hear how it sounds?” it really gets the conversation going!

I use three different Finnish made speaker designs in my room and I can honestly say they are the best ones in their field. Active, passive, electrostatic: all innovative designs that makes your listening experience and decision making easier. Beautiful work, highly recommended.

Courtesy of Tape Over Oy, Tommi Langen

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About us

Panphonics was founded in 1997 to develop audio elements intended to be used as components for audio applications across different industries. During its first five years of operation, the company focused only on R&D. The first commercial products were sold in early 2003, and during 2004 the company moved from trial marketing into commercialisation. Nowadays, our main customer segments are museums, retail, banks, pharmacies, corporate video conferencing, airports, houses of worship, control rooms and universities.

Panphonics loudspeakers are based on the electrostatic principle and use an audio element invented by the renowned Finnish inventor, Kari Kirjavainen. The initial technology study was carried out in cooperation with the Technical Research Centre of Finland during the early 1990’s, with governmental funding from the Finnish National Technology Agency.

On top of our own line of directional speaker products, we are a technology licensor for industrial audio manufacturers and other audio solution providers, either directly or through resellers.


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