About us

Panphonics was founded in 1997 to develop audio elements intended to be used as components for audio applications across different industries. We are now the largest manufacturer of directional audio solutions with thousands of use cases globally.

During its first five years of operation, the company focused only on R&D. The first commercial products were sold in early 2003, and during 2004 the company moved from trial marketing into commercialization.

Nowadays our main customer segments are museums, retail, banks, pharmacies, corporate video conferencing, airports, houses of worship, control rooms and universities.


Panphonics loudspeakers are based on the electrostatic princible and use an audio element invented by the renowned Finnish inventor, Kari Kirjavainen. The initial technology study was carried out in cooperation with the Technical Research Centre of Finland during the early 1990’s, with governmental funding from the Finnish National Technology Agency.

On top of our own line of directional speaker products, we are a technology licensor for industrial audio manufacturers and other audio solution providers, either directly or through resellers.