Sound Shower®

Sound Showers are our most popular speaker model. With over 20.000 installations globally, Sound Showers are the world’s no.1 directional speaker.

They are most suitable for spoken audio delivering a clear message even in very noisy environments with complicated echo.

Sound Shower Passive (SSHP) is a mono loudspeaker with aluminum framing and requires an external Panphonics AA160 amplifier.

Download Sound Shower® Passive (SSHP) manual here for more technical information.

Sound Shower Active can be connected directly to a media player, preamplifier or mixing systems with RCA cables.

Download Sound Shower® Active (SSHA) manual here for more technical information.

In order to maximize the directivity of our speakers, download our Installation Tips Guide here

Models: Passive with external amplifier, Active with integrated amplifier
Sizes (in cm): Passive: 60×20, 60×60, 120×20, 180×20 Active: 60×60, 120×20
Colors: Black and White
Special models: Special sizes and colors available
Contact: Local Distributors, Panphonics Sales