Panphonics AA160-amplifier product line consists of two base amplifier models, Basic and Executive. Additionally, we have Music Maker (mm) versions of both available that are internally equalized for more suitable music reproduction.

Basic suits most of our customers’ needs with the fewest features, easiest installation and practically no need for tuning. Basic is a launch and forget -solution. Basic amplifiers are also available integrated into our Sound Shower speakers’ Active models.

Download AA-160 Basic /AA-160 Basic mm amplifier manual here for more technical information.

AA160e (executive) has all the features available with ambient noise tracking and dynamic volume adjustment. The Executive requires understanding on overall audio design, more fine tuning and capability to educate the installation team on directional audio. AA160e is widely used in installations worldwide.

Download AA-160e / AA-160mm amplifier manual here for more technical information.

Models: AA-160 Basic, AA-160 Basic mm, AA-160e, AA-160mm
Sizes (in mm): 48mm x 161mm x 163mm
Colors: Aluminum frame
Special models: Basic available also as Sound Shower Active: 60×60, 120×20
Contact: Local Distributors, Panphonics Sales