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Panphonics' proprietary technology is based on the electro-mechanical film (EMFi) concept, which was invented by Panphonics founder Kari Kirjavainen, a renowned Finnish inventor. The initial technology study was done together with research funding from Finnish governmental funding which led to establishment of Panphonics company in 1997.

During the first five years of operation, the Company was in stealth mode focusing on R&D only. The first commercial trials took were done in Finland in 2003. In 2008 the second generation of products were launched and true commercial scale operations started. Panphonics established itself as a global leader within directional audio business and increased production capacity with a new factory in September 2011.

The Company's headquarters is located in Tampere, Finland. International sales office is located in Espoo, Finland. USA office is in Dallas, Texas, and an European sales office is opening in the Central Europe in 2011.

Panphonics is a privately held company. Its ownership consists of private individuals, companies with investment and business objectives, and institutional investor partners.

For more information concerning company financials and investor information please contact:

Mr. Matti Kontu
CEO, Panphonics
matti(.)Kontu (a) panphonics.fi

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Gadget Fair, Moscow


Pictures from Gadget Fair organised in Moscow, Russia by our local partner RIWA



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Airport Improvement Magazine


Panphonics directional audio solution was installed to Dallas International Airport in late 2013. Airport Improvement Magazine has issued an article o