Porto Cruz Multimedia Centre presents wines and history with directional audio

Porto Cruz, a wine brand from Porto with more than 120 years of history, has opened a multimedia centre in the heart of Porto in the summer, 2012.

Qatar National Food Security Programme with Panphonics in pavilion at Doha

In November, 2012 UN Climate conference was held in Doha, Qatar where Panphonics directional speakers were installed to provide clear message to the visitors.

Whyred’s new store concept goes live with Lexter and Panphonics Sound Shower®

This year's most important fashion week saw a new digital store concept of Whyred. The store opened in Stockholm enhances the shopping experience of both the brand and the new collections

Gadget Fair, Moscow


Pictures from Gadget Fair organised in Moscow, Russia by our local partner RIWA



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Airport Improvement Magazine


Panphonics directional audio solution was installed to Dallas International Airport in late 2013. Airport Improvement Magazine has issued an article o

Panphonics Oy

Panphonics is the world's leading provider of directional audio speakers.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tampere, Finland, Panphonics has been delivering directional audio solutions globally. Panphonics' solutions have been proven to provide business benefits for various applications.

Plane Wave Technology

Panphonics technology is based on plane wave technology. It differs from sound technology with point source, doublet source, or from line source.

Sound Shower® directional speakers

Sound Shower® directional speakers deliver high-quality, focused audio without disturbing the surrounding area.